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STARTNOO’s Campus Ambassadors are on the frontline of democratizing the cost of education for everyone. As a Campus Ambassador, you have the opportunity to gain experience in policy advocacy and marketing, while changing lives at the same time! Become a leader on your campus

What You Will Do

As a STARTNOO Campus Manager, you will:


Lead the efforts to bring STARTNOO to your campus.


Engage with Student Activities Administrators, Career Centers, Student Success Programs, Bursar, Financial Aid, and other Executive Leaders on campus.


Build your team by finding quality Campus Ambassadors.


Manage a network of Campus Ambassadors.


Track your campus’ progress towards eliminating student loan debt.


Connect alumni to your campus community through STARTNOO.

As a STARTNOO Campus Ambassador, you will:


Expand availability of service opportunities and create impact by onboarding nonprofits in your university’s community.


Attract student organizations and students to register and complete service opportunities.


Share the love and appreciation you have for STARTNOO on social channels and through word of mouth.

How You Will Do It

STARTNOO Campus Managers and Campus Ambassadors are empowered to drive change on campus.  You will present to senior leadership at your university, develop nonprofit contacts near your university, and lead student outreach efforts.   

Pssst. We make it easy for you.  Presentation materials, scripts, and an entire toolkit are available to you if you are accepted.  We want you to be successful, and will help you get there. 



Sign the petition here, to get STARTNOO on your campus.


Share the petition with others in your campus community via social or word of mouth.


If STARTNOO is not on campus, apply to become a Campus Manager to get STARTNOO on campus!

Who We Are Looking For


You know who’s who, and everyone knows you.  You create alliances between groups, and are on friendly terms with the entire campus ecosystem.


You drive change.  If something needs to improve, you are not silent, and take action towards a better future.

Servant Leaders

Leadership is an opportunity for you to serve your community.  You see the great responsibility that comes with leading others, and believe in serving your community.

What Are You Waiting For?

Getting paid to bring change to your university sounds like a plan.

Campus Manager

You will lead STARTNOO’s integration on campus, including onboarding your university, connecting with alumni associations, engaging nonprofits, and collaborating with student organizations.

We only accept one Campus Manager per university.

In return you get…

  • $1,000 to sign up your university
  • 10% of all your campus ambassadors’ nonprofit subscriptions
  • $20-$25/month for each nonprofit you sign up directly

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Campus Ambassador

If STARTNOO is already on campus, don’t worry! You can still become a Campus Ambassador and bring more service opportunities to your campus.

In return you get…

$15-$20/month for each nonprofit you sign up directly

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is becoming a Campus Manager or a Campus Ambassador a job?

No. Serving as a StartNoo Campus Manager or Campus Ambassador means that you are joining an affiliate program. An affiliate program is defined as an advertising model which allows for participants to serve as third-party publishers to receive automated income in exchange for generating traffic, leads, and sales, as well as promoting the company.

How much do Campus Managers and Campus Ambassadors make?

  • Campus Managers make $1,000 to sign up their university, 10% of their Campus Ambassadors nonprofit sales, and $20-$25/monthly nonprofit subscription.
  • Campus Ambassadors make $15-20/monthly nonprofit subscription. If a Campus Ambassador signs up 100 nonprofits who maintain subscriptions, the Campus Ambassador could make $1500 – $2000 per month in residual income.

Do StartNoo Campus Ambassadors and Campus Managers make money forever?

  • StartNoo Campus Managers and Student Campus Ambassadors are paid until university enrollment ends.
  • Alumni Campus Ambassadors are paid $15-$20/month for each nonprofit subscription up to 2 years from the initial subscription date.

What if StartNoo is already on campus?

If StartNoo is already on your Campus, then you likely already have a Campus Manager. If that is the case, then the role of Campus Manager will be closed on your campus. However, you should apply for a Campus Ambassador role.

How many Campus Managers and Campus Ambassadors do you accept?

We only accept one Campus Manager per campus at one time. However, there is no limit to the number of Campus Ambassadors accepted.

Who are you looking for to be great Campus Managers and Campus Ambassadors?

  • Both current students and alumni can enroll to serve as StartNoo Campus Ambassadors. However, StartNoo Campus Managers must be currently enrolled on campus to be accepted. Campus Managers and Campus Ambassadors can be either full-time or part-time students.
  • As described above, we are looking for Connectors, Advocates, and Servant Leaders.

Can affiliates also participate in StartNoo to pay down student loans?

  • Yes. Participation in StartNoo’s affiliate program does not prevent someone from joining StartNoo as a user to pay down student loans and tuition expenses.
  • StartNoo payments as a user go straight to the tuition account or student loan account. By contrast, serving as an affiliate allows affiliates to receive payments to their personal bank accounts.

What if I work for a nonprofit?

People who work for nonprofits can sign up to become a Campus Manager or Campus Ambassador. However, as a StartNoo user, employees of nonprofits are not allowed to receive payments towards their student loans or tuition by serving for their employer.

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